Mac’s Beer and Wine CELEBRATES Atlanta Beer Week : October 8th – 16th, 2011

With an INCREDIBLE #BEER GIVEAWAY!!! All you #BEER fans that came out to the Great Atlanta Beer Fest this weekend are dying to hear who won this:

Sweetwater Brewery Tour Raffle Box

6x Brewery Tour Tickets, 6 Commemorative Pint Glasses, $75 in Gift Cards for Cypress Pint & Plate, the NEW RELEASE of Dank Tank: Ghoulash & an Authentic “STARR” Bottle Opener!




Thank you to all for Participating!

& READ BELOW to see these NEW & NOTABLE BEER RELEASES we just received this morning!

(From Right to Left)

The First of the “Wet” Hop Harvest Ales arrived today, all in 22 oz bottles, from Great Divide, Terrapin and Sierra Nevada:

Great Divide, Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Brewed with fresh, whole cone hops from the Pacific Northwest. “Wet” hops are shipped to Denver overnight and brewed just after harvest, imparting an intensely grassy hop aroma and citrus hop flavor.

Terrapin, So Fresh & So Green, Green

A beer that CELEBRATES the Hop! Made with fresh 2011 Challenger Hops, as Spike says, “These off the vine beauties will encourage you to drink fresh, drink local and drink now.”

Sierra Nevada, Northern Hemisphere Harvest 2011

“This Harvest Ale features “wet” or undried whole-cone hops from Yakima, Wa that are plucked from the bine and deliverd to our brewery within 24 hours of picking.”

Two more, New to us Beers come from Spanish Peaks Brewing Co., in 22oz bottles:

Big Bite IPA

A classic IPA, Big & Bold with a golden amber color and very pleasant hop character that integrates nicely with its smooth malt flavors.

Big Bite Peach Wheat

An American Cold-filtered clear Wheat beer with a big bite, mildly hopped with a hint of peach flavor.

A couple SEASONAL 6-packs to lead us into Winter:

Great Divide, Hibernation Ale

An English-Style Old Ale, a celebrated tradition from GD since 1995. This robust, dry-hopped ale has a malty richness balanced with a complex hop profile and hearty, warming character.

Sweetwater, Festive Ale

Ale Brewed with Spices, the long anticipated Winter Catch & Release Seasonal from Sweetwater will have us all ready for some Winter weather…

And Rogue’s famed Glow in the Dark Dead Guy Growler ++:

Rogue, Dead Guy  Ale, 64oz

This Glow in the Dark bottling of Dead Guy is perfect for your Halloween Parties, same great recipe, deep honey in color with a malty aroma, rich hearty flavor and a well balanced finish.

Rogue, John John Ale

Big Brother to our FAVORITE Rogue Hazelnut Brown, this Ale is brewed with Natural Hazelnut Flavor Aged in Hazelnut Spice Rum Barrels. YUM!!

For those of you in Midtown, Atlanta we’ll have #ABW Specials in store all week!!


Come in & pick up an “ATH-LANTA” or “HOP ADDICT” Tasting Set,

MIX-A-FOUR Packs of Double, High Gravity or Imperial Beers!



A CRAZY Special for $1.99/bottle or $19.99/case!!!!

#BEER FEED is brought to you by Mac’s Beer and Wine. For up to the moment #BEER news Follow us on Twitter @Macsbeerandwine!



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