ASW Distillery Armour & Oak Apple Brandy, Brooklyn Black Ops, and Merlet Cognac!

We’ve got a few more new items to finish off the week including another awesome spirit from ASW Distillery.


ASW Distillery Armour & Oak Georgia Orchard Apple brandy.
This brandy is distilled from fresh-pressed Georgia apples, aged in oak, and bottled at 100 proof at Atlanta’s local ASW Distillery.
This is the newest offering from the whiskey experts at ASW, and it pays homage to the agricultural roots of the great state of Georgia. In addition to this apple brandy we also have ASW’s Fiddler wheated Bourbon and Resurgens single malt rye whiskey!


Brooklyn Quarter 4 BQE – Black Ops a Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout.


Merlet VS Cognac.


Toschi black cherries and orange peels in syrup.


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