Brew Your Cask Off : Mac’s Cask #59 : Powder Hound Maple Nut Brown

Sweetwater’s 2012 BREW YOUR CASK OFF on March 10th happens in just 3 short weeks, so we got the brewing started this weekend for our Powder Hound Brown, a Maple Nut Scotch Ale, brewed with Vermont Maple Syru, Hazelnuts and Willamette and Fuggles hops.

  • Step 1: Drink Beer
Brewing Our Caskes Off!

Brewing Our Caskes Off! at Sweetwater

  • Step 2: Stare at your feet
  • Step 3: Add some Awesome Ingredients
  • Step 4: Drink More Beer
  • Step 5: Put a Cork in it (Miggy, that step was made for you!) *Sorry, no pictures, it wasn’t pretty!
  • Step 6: Admire your handiwork

Now, if you want to taste any of these awesome Casks! Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out at! & of course, VOTE FOR Cask #59!!! Powder Hound Brown by Mac’s Beer and Wine!

Thanks to our Brewing Team: Nick Migliaccio, Kile Hill, Leigha Hill, Steven Van Brunt, Steve Chrestman, & Sweetwater’s Own, JONATHAN NEWMAN!!!


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