Founders Backwoods Bastard, Prairie Weisse, Monday Night Dad Bod, and More!

It’s a great day for new beer! We’ve got new brews ranging from hoppy to sour and everything in between.


Founders Harvest Ale a wet-hopped ale (left) and Backwoods Bastard an ale aged in oak Bourbon barrels (right).
These annual favorites don’t require much explanation, but for those who missed out on the Kentucky Breakfast Stout the Backwoods Bastard is a great consolation prize.


Prairie Prairie Weisse a sour wheat beer (left) and Ace a dry-hopped farmhouse ale (right).
The Prairie Weisse is an interpretation of the traditional Berliner Weisse style, and the Ace is farmhouse ale with a healthy dose of Sorachi Ace hops.


Stone Lucky Basartd (left) and 2016 Double Bastard Bigger, Longer, Uncut.
The brewers on the Lucky Basartd, “This powerfully complex beer is an amalgamation of three Bastards—Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Ale and OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale — unceremoniously thrown together and then dry-hopped to excess, providing a fittingly immoderate blast of malty, hoppy flavor. Those Worthy souls who possess the nerve to try it will be rewarded with a delicious assault on their taste buds.”
The 2016 Double Bastard is “A peaty as hell Double Bastard aged in Scotch whisky barrels.”


Sierra Nevada Brewing Trip in the Woods Barrel-Aged Series Narwhal (left) and Ginger Bigfoot (right).
These are some Sierra Nevada classics with a new touch added. The Narwhal is a stout aged in Bourbon barrels with red and black currants added, and the Ginger Bigfoot is an ale aged in whiskey barrels with ginger added.


Paradox Vanilla Peaches (left), Mangozacca (center), and Salty Melons (right).
This brewing company exclusively makes barrel-aged and bottle conditioned beers that are off of the beaten path. Learn more about the company here.
As an illustration of their unique approach to brewing here are the details of the beers listed above: Vanilla Peaches – A wild sour golden ale brewed with peaches and vanilla beans and aged in oak wine barrels. Mangozacca – A double dry-hopped wild sour golden ale brewed with mangoes and aged in oak wine barrels. Salty Melons – A wild sour golden ale brewed with watermelon juice and sea salt and aged in oak wine barrels.


Rivertown Brewing Brett T Shirt Contest IPA (left), Night Marcher Island Pale Ale (center), and Ojos Negros (right).
Rivertown provides us with another rundown of fantastically different beers. Brett T Shirt – This beer is brewed with a unique blend of 7 strains of Brettanomyces and galaxy, citra, and mosaic hops, and then is dry-hopped with mosaic, simcoe, and amarillo hops. Enjoyable fresh or aged. Night Marcher – A wild ale that is 100% Brettanomyces fermented and brewed with jack fruit, papaya, pineapple, coconut, mandarin oranges, guava, lemon peel, lime peel, ginger root, Jamaican allspice, fennel, saffron, and toasted coriander. Ojos Negros – A fruit sour ale that ferments in oak for over one year with 45 pounds of blackberries per barrel.


Monday Night Brewing Dad Bod black saison.
The newest addition to the Clip-On Series that is a saison brewed with Keemun black tea.


Orpheus Minotaur a sour ale aged in whiskey barrels.
This is another iteration of the Minotaur that didn’t get any coffee beans added to the aging barrel.


Jailhouse Brewing Raspberry Saison.
Another fruity addition to the Unshackled Series by Jailhouse.


Ballast Point Cinnamon Raisin Commodore stout.
Yet another familiar brew with some extra flavors added. This is the already delicious Commodore fortified with natural flavors of raisin and cinnamon.


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