Mac’s Single Barrel 1792 Ridgemont has arrived!

Just in time for the frigid Wintry Weather!! Our hand-selected barrel of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve has arrived!

With a smooth & spicy profile, this Bourbon will appeal to all whiskey fans. Firm rye spice really shows its way through at first with undercurrents of ripe fruit (Red Apple, Banana, Orange rind) and soft caramel. This is rye forward bourbon for sure and really shines after a good bit of air time.  It’s prickly, peppery, and very dry with mint, licorice, cinnamon and again loads of toasty oak flavors. Some maple sugars and faint fruit flavors (apple, dried apricot, golden raisin) take time to come through. Bright and sharp with ample cinnamon warmth.

IMAG1153_Amber_Black (577x1024)Mac’s, working hard again, on your behalf!!! It’s a tough job, folks!

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