New Offerings in Beer and Spirits!

Mostly spirits to round off the new products arriving this week.


Fruitland Augusta is a local producer distilling spirits from Georgia Peaches in Augusta. We recently started stocking both their original and tea flavored vodkas. Support local business and enjoy some great vodka at the same time.


Other new craft Vodka’s hitting the shelf this week at Mac’s are the Western Son products. These four new craft vodkas feature the following flavors: South Texas Prickly Pear, Piney Woods Blueberry, South Plains Cucumber, and Unflavored Vodka.


One small addition in beer in the form of Kona Brewing’s Lemongrass Luau, which is an ale brewed with ginger and lemongrass.

Worth noting: Our World Whiskey Day sale prices expire at close of business tonight 5/26/16. Also, we have a limited supply of Elmer T. Lee and Stagg Jr. Bourbons (Please limit one per customer).


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