New! @SweetWaterBrew 2013 Festive Ale is in + Don’t miss our “PeckerMint Julep IPA” at Brew Your Cask Off on Nov 9th

The Making of a BREW YOUR CASK OFF Beer

Our “PeckerMint Julep IPA”  {with top-secret single barrel bourbon} is the perfect Wintry IPA to kick off the Holiday season! Be sure to stop by our table at SweetWater’s BYCO on Sat, November 9th and get a Tasty Treat to pair with your PeckerMint Julep IPA!!! Tickets available at


Step 1: Brew Aggressively hopped IPA – Our Mac’s BYCO team (Miggy) adding our de-luscious IPA brew to the cask


Step 2: Add TOP SECRET ingredients for a unique Southern Flair to our Legen- {wait for it} -dary
NorthWest x SouthEast IPA


Step 3: Addition of our hops for our Pacific NW meets the deep SOUTH IPA: the spicy, earthy Mt Hood hops + woody, minty flavors in the US Northern Brewer
{Miggy, you’ve changed!}


Step 4: Push the tip of the cork in the cask
{Just the tip, just to see how it feels…}


Step 5: Take a weeks’ worth of aggression out with a rubber mallet and cork.
{Miggy’s favorite part of brewing.}


Step 6: Admire your work!
{Relax, have a homebrew!}

& Stop in for SweetWater’s 2013 Festive Ale

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