New Wicked Weed, Prairie, and a *Limited* from Foothills

Large load in this week:

UnityFoothillsUnity Vibration Kombucha Beer Raspberry – Ginger – Foothills Sexual Chocolate (limit 1)

prairiePrairie Flare – Barrel Aged Bomb – Coffee OkieApe SnakeFunky Gold Mosaic

From Prairie: “Flare (yes, that’s how we are spelling it) is our gose that we have added citrus fruit to.  This beer is slightly tart, a little salty, and has a nice balance from the fruit and spices.”

Also from Prairie: “Barrel Aged Bomb! is the result of our world famous imperial stout, Bomb!, that was tucked away in wooden barrels for several months.  Vanilla and caramel notes balance the big flavors from the whiskey barrels and come together for an extremely complex yet balanced experience.”

wwWicked Weed Brettaberry – Fille de Ferme – Iron Lady


“Brettaberry, a tart farmhouse ale whose inspiration is drawn from freshly baked berry pie, features a half-pound per gallon of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The sweet acidity of the berries paired with the mild farmhouse funk of our house culture is rounded by the addition of full bodied, Haw Creek Honey.”

“Fille de Ferme is a tart farmhouse ale brewed in the rustic spirit of Belgian style farm beers. Primary fermented with our house brett culture and blended with golden sour ale, we then add honeysuckle and fresh orange peel and age the beer in our Foeder until it reaches perfection.”

“The Iron Lady is the vanguard of dank and dark seas. Her Imperial voyage raises waves of black malts leaving a resinous hop finish in her bold wake. Her heady bow and imposing gravity demolish all thinner black brews who shudder at her might. The depths belong to the Iron Lady’s steel reign.”

stoneVictoryHighlandKHBAStone Americano StoutStone PataskalaVictory 20th AnniversaryKentucky Honey Barrel AleHighland Saw-Whet Saison

Looks like this week’s gonna be a blur!


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