Rekorderlig Swedish Cider, Crop Organic Vodka, Langley’s Gin, and More New Arrivals!

We have a pretty diverse list of new arrivals in the spirits category today.

Rekorderlig Swedish cider in strawberry-lime (left), passion fruit (center), and pear (right).

Crop organic vodka available in cucumber (left) and original (right).

Langley’s gin.

Millard Fillmore United States brandy.
A blend of column still and pot still brandies, which are distilled from California grapes.

Moletto Grappa di Barbera.

Merlet Trois Citrus liqueur.
A blend of bitter orange, blood orange, and lemon flavors are featured in this French liqueur.


Prairie & Evil Twin Bible Belt and Barrel-Aged Bible Belt; Wicked Weed Botanica; Ballast Point Manta Ray and More!

 We’ve got some awesome limited-release arrivals for you guys today.

Prairie collaboration with Evil Twin: Bible Belt (left) & Barrel-Aged Bible Belt (right).
Prairie Funky Gold Citra dry-hopped sour ale (center).

Wicked Weed Botanica gin barrel-aged American sour ale fermented with strawberry and rhubarb.

Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo tropical IPA.

Ballast Point Manta Ray double IPA.

Wicked Weed Iron Lady imperial black IPA (left).
Wicked Weed Garcon De Ferme brettanomyces farmhouse ale fermented with peaches (center).
Wicked Weed El Paraiso imperial coffee stout (right).

We also received another shipment of Athena Paradiso!


Westbrook Blueberry Weisse Weisse Baby Berliner Weisse, Rum Barrel Siberian Black Magic Panther Imperial Stout; And More New Arrivals!

Happy Friday!

Westbrook Rum Barrel Aged Siberian Black Magic Panther imperial stout (left).
Westbrook Blueberry Weisse Weisse Baby berliner weisse style ale with blueberries added (right).

(From left to right)
Wyndridge Farms Laughing Crow IPA, Crafty Cranberry Cider, Barn Dog chocolate vanilla imperial porter, and Crafty Cider.

Service Rally Point Bohemian style pilsner.

Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale (top).
Boulevard American Kolsch golden ale (bottom).

Rogue Dead Guy Ale and 6 Hop IPA are now available in 12 ounce cans!





Monday Night Tears Of My Enemies Stout, Cherry Street Coconut Porter, Sweetwater 20th Anniversary Ale, And More New Beers!

It’s time for another Wednesday beer drop, and today’s will not disappoint.

Monday Night Tears Of My Enemies Scotch barrel milk stout.

Cherry Street Coconut Porter with toasted organic coconut flakes, dates, and vanilla bean.

Sweetwater 20th Anniversary imperial IPA featuring hash on brett.

Clown Shoes Exorcism At Sunset imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels.

Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde Belgian-style ale (top).
Wicked Weed Lieutenant Dank IPA (bottom).
Both Wicked Weed brews are now available in 6-packs of 12 ounce cans.

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager (left).
Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA (right).

Sweetwater Goin’ Coastal IPA with pineapple (left).
Orpheus Transmigration Of Souls double IPA (right).
These two seasonal favorites from local breweries have returned to the shelves.

We also re-stocked on Scofflaw Hooligan, Basement, and Double Jeopardy 6-packs this morning.


Athena Paradiso, J.W. Lee’s Harvest Ale, Southbound Desert Dawn Saison, And More!

Happy Friday everyone. The long-awaited Paradiso has arrived, among other new beers.

Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso berliner weisse.*

*This beer will be sold first-come, first-served and will be limited to one 4-pack per customer.*

J.W. Lee’s Harvest limited edition ale.
This ale was matured to perfection in Lagavulin whisky casks.

Southbound Desert Dawn Belgian style saison brewed with elderberries.

21st Amendment Blah Blah Blah blood orange IPA.

Three Taverns Theophan The Recluse Russian imperial stout is now available in 4-packs.


The Unknown Brewing Four New Styles, Fairhope Brewing Four New Styles, Elysian Split Shot, Amrut Whiskey, And More!

This week’s new arrivals include multiple styles from new breweries and quite a bit of new whiskies.

The Unknown Brewing:
Over The Edge IPA (top left).
Ginger Wheat (bottom left).
Pre-Game session ale (bottom right).
Venture stout (top right).

Fairhope Brewing:
I Think Therefore I Amber (far left).
FiftyOne Pale Ale (inner left).
Take The Causeway IPA (inner right).
Judge Roy Bean coffee stout (far right).

Elysian Split Shot espresso milk stout.

Amrut Fusion single malt whiskey (left).
Amrut single malt whiskey (right).
These whiskies are made using barley grown at the base of the Himalayas and the fusion includes some Islay smoked malt imported from Scotland.

Cask & Crew ginger spice whiskey (left).
Cask & Crew rye whiskey (right).

Tomatin 12 Year Highland single malt Scotch whisky.

Cooper’s Mark small batch Bourbon whiskey.

Prohibition 1920 Bourbon whiskey.


Valentines Day Wine & Spirit Recommendations!

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Below are recommendations, from our wine and spirits specialists, that they believe are the perfect companion for this special occasion.


“Just like romance, wine can be light and sweet, bold and smooth, or refreshing and fun. Pick the right bottle for your special someone!”

Light & Sweet:
Saracco Moscato D’Asti (left)
Dirler-Cade Edelzwicker Reserve (center)
Juvé & Camps Sweet Cava (right)

Bold & Smooth:
Thomas Georgia Estates Pinot Noir (left)
Sexual Chocolate (center)
Voliero Rosso Di Montalcino (right)

Refreshing & Fun:
Anna De Codorníu Brut Rosé (left)
Barcino Cava Brut (center)
Note Bleue Cotes De Provence Rosé


Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon – liquid roses for your Valentine (left)
Hartfield & Co. Bourbon (center left)
Eden Mill Love Gin – rose petals are one of many botanicals in this Scottish gin (center right)
Macallan Edition No.2 (right)

Kirk and Sweeney 12 Year Rum (left)
Cathead Vodka (center left)
Herradura Silver Tequla (center right)
Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin (right)


Good People IPA, Stout, & Pale Ale; Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet; And Southbound Rollin’ & Tumblin’.

We’ve got a few more new brews hitting the shelves heading into the weekend.

Good People IPA (top), Pale Ale (middle), and Coffee Oatmeal Stout (bottom).

Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet golden oatmeal stout with beets and chocolate.

Southbound Rollin’ & Tumblin’ American IPA.

Have a great weekend,

Glenmorangie Bacalta Private Edition, Glennfiddich Experimental Series #1, Malfy Gin, And More!

We’ve got a fresh lineup of new foreign spirits today.

Glenmorangie Bacalta Private Edition Highland single malt Scotch whisky.

Glenfiddich Experimental Series #1 IPA cask finished single malt Scotch whisky.

Bushmills Red Bush Irish whiskey matured in Bourbon casks.

Malfy Italian gin con limone.

Spytail French black ginger rum.


Lagunitas High West-ified Stout, Stone Megawheat Collaboration, Wicked Weed Recurrant Sour Ale, And More!

It’s another Wednesday with a great new-beer lineup.

Lagunitas High West-ified Imperial Coffee Stout.*

*This beer will be sold first-come, first-served and will be limited to 2 bottles per customer.*

Stone, Odell, and Marble brewing collaboration Megawheat double IPA (left).
Stone Tangerine Express IPA (right).

Wicked Weed Recurrant American sour ale fermented with black currants.

Monday Night Brewing Friend Zone SMASH (single malt and single hop) pale ale.

New Holland Hoptronix double IPA.

Red Hare Gem City Classic craft light lager.

Tree Horn El Treeablo chile infused cider.