Scotch, Scotch, and More Scotch!

This post is sure to brighten the Scotch whisky drinkers’ day. We’ve added some new options to the Scotch section.


Compass Box Whisky Co. Gift Set and Hedonism blended grain Scotch whisky.

The Compass Box Gift Set is composed of five 50ml tubes containing the Signature Range of Hedonism, The Peat Monster, Spice Tree, Oak Cross, and Asyla. A perfect set to introduce anyone to the complexity and range of flavors achieved within Scotch whisky. Also perfect for the avid whisky drinker and Compass Box fans alike. Check out Compass Box’s website to dig into the differences between these fine whiskys.

Compass Box Hedonism is a unique offering in that it is one of very few 100% grain Scotch whiskys in the world. Check out the intricate details of this whisky here.


Auchentoshan Three Wood, 12 year old, and American Oak Scotch whiskys (left to right).


Bowmore 15 year old, Small Batch Bourbon cask matured, and 12 year old Scotch whiskys (from left to right).

Grab a glass and pour some Scotch tonight.


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