Southern Son

Made deep in the heart of Texas. This new Southern Vodka will start showing up in your cocktails across Atlanta soon. Try it at home!  “My recipe includes several steps that have proven to make the highest quality vodka. To start, I use 100% American Yellow Corn. I column distill Southern Son 10 times to produce the smoothest vodka possible. Similar to the finest Whiskey and Wine, I produce my vodka in small batches. This way I am able to monitor the smallest details and produce consistent quality in every batch. Not only does Yellow Corn produce a Gluten Free Vodka, but it gives Southern Son a distinct semi-sweet finish. My process results in extremely clean 80 proof vodka that I am proud to serve to the South.


I personally invite you to try Southern Son Vodka against any of the imported brands. I am confident that you will see that this American Deep-South taste more than measures up. So grab a bottle, grab some friends, and drink with Southern Pride!” – Master Distiller, Michael Pfeiffer

And, the Stingray Spiced Rum from the same distillers, brings a nice Vanilla spice to the category: “During the early 17th century piracy was rampant throughout the Caribbean. Thieves would commandeer the cargo of merchants, navies, and each other. As a precaution, people would hide their most precious cargo – their finest Spiced Rums – on the sea floor of the Caribbean where they were safely guarded by one of the most feared creatures in the ocean, Stingrays. Stingrays, the protector of the special reserve Spiced Rum barrels, became synonymous with the finest Spiced Rum in the Caribbean, and still are today.”


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