Three Taverns Inceptus, Wicked Weed Pacificmost Gose, Wicked Weed Pompoen, and More!

We’ve got a great collection of new beers today!


Three Taverns Inceptus.*
A Georgia wild ale.
“Atlanta called it “Snowpocalypse”, we called it “the perfect day for open fermentation”. As the city froze in December of 2013, we opened a fermenter to the cold, crisp air… and were rewarded with our own wild-caught yeast strain. Meet Inceptus [Latin for “beginning”], a spontaneously fermented wild ale of remarkable complexity. Imbued with our own wild Georgia yeast strain and matured for months in North Georgia wine barrels, this American sour will make you pucker with delight.” – Three Taverns

*This beer will be sold first come, first-served and will be limited to one bottle per customer.*


Wicked Weed Pacificmost a mango & guava gose and Wicked Weed Pompoen a rum barrel aged pumpkin sour ale with ginger.


Highland Mandarina.
This beers name pays homage to the German Mandarina Bavaria hops that it’s brewed with. It’s also brewed with Hull Melon hops and American oranges. Full beer details here.


Red Hare Barrel Aged Sticky Stout.
A local favorite with some added character.


Evil Twin Mission Gose (top), Imperial Biscotti Break (bottom left), Wet Dream (bottom middle), and Even More Jesus (bottom right).
Most of these beers should look familiar, but now they’re available in 4-packs of cans rather than the previous 22oz bottle offerings.


Terrapin So fresh & So Green, Green.
This fresh hop IPA has been available in years past, but this is its first appearance in 16oz cans.


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