Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose and Other Exciting New Beers!

All new products are beers today, but there certainly are some intriguing additions to our offerings.


Arguably the most exciting new beer dropping today is Westbrook’s Key Lime Pie Gose.*
*This beer will be sold first come, first served and limit one 4-pack per customer*


This is Paradox Brewing Company’s first foray into the Georgia market. They’re sporting all barrel aged beers with very interesting flavor profiles. Here is some info about the brewery and their products.

The Paradox beers we received today are Pineapple Upside Down Sour a sour golden ale brewed with pineapple aged in rum barrels, Salty Lemons a sour golden ale brewed with lemons and salt aged in oak wine barrels, Tart Noire a dark ale brewed with grape must aged in oak wine barrels, and last but not least Honey, Genmai Gunpowder a rustic golden ale brewed with wildflower honey and green tea aged in oak wine barrels.


New Wicked Weed brews today as well. Genesis a blonde sour ale fermented with tropical fruits, Coolcumber a golden ale brewed with cucumber, basil, and juniper berries, and Barrel-aged Lunatic a Belgian style blonde ale.


Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout an imperial stout created by three different collaborators this year. Read here for more information.


Original Sin Elderberry Cider.

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