Wicked Weed Metatropics, Omnipresence, Recurrant, Three Taverns Quasimodo, and Ommegang Collaboration 2016.

We’ve got a solid selection of new brews in a variety of styles today.


Wicked Weed Omnipresence, Recurrant, and Metatropics (from left to right).


Omnipresence: A barrel aged American sour ale aged with one pound of Cabernet grapes per gallon.
Recurrant: This beer was once a part of the Canvas Series but now has been added to the flagship sour line. Recurrant is an American sour ale fermented with over one pound per gallon of black currants.
Metatropics: This brew was created in collaboration with Brasserie Trois Dames and is a spin on their classic Tropicale IPA. Made with pineapple, mango, grapefruit, passion fruit, and brettanomyces!


Three Taverns Quasimodo Belgian-Style Quadrupel.
An annual favorite making its return in 4-packs!


Ommegang Collaboration 2016 Dopplebock Ale.
Made in conjunction with Urban Chestnut, this beer is based on Urban Chestnut’s Dopplebock, but featuring Ommegang’s Belgian house yeast.


Boulder Beer Company Killer Penguin barleywine ale.
Beer details here.


Coastal Empire Beer Co. White Caps imperial white IPA.
Coming in a 8.4% ABV and 86 IBU, try this local today.


Jailhouse Brewing Judge barleywine style ale.
A word from its brewers, “Rich with caramel goodness and a hefty weight on the palate, there is no mistaking this beer means business. Alcohol warmth balanced by a malt and hop foundation provides a very enjoyable barleywine experience. When the glass is empty you will know you were brought before the Judge.”


Eviltwin Soft Dk imperial stout and Imperial Simcoe Slacker IPA.

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